Two Houstonians Use Their Powers for Good This Holiday Season

One of DISH'S favorite musical duos has released a holiday song and they are giving 100% of the proceeds to DISH'S favorite charities Star of Hope. Lainey Balagia and Brandt Croucher's Christmas EP, A THRILL OF HOPE, is now available for download on the website. Once again we stress...ALL (aka, 100%) of the proceeds from the sale of this EP will be given to Star of Hope to help provide Christmas dinner for those who would otherwise go without. And here is the best part....They are asking you to pay what you can, but please consider a donation of $10 or more if you are able. Thank you so much.

We hope you have as much fun listening to these tracks as we had creating them!!

CLICK HERE to make someone's Christmas meal happen...and to make your holiday that much more enjoyable!