It's Absolutely Personal!

DISH'S Future Ex-Boyfriend Lance Armstrong is just too good for anyone to believe. He can get a girl pregnant with the smallest of probability AND he's the The seven time Tour de France champion! Unfortunately, the future ex-love of our life is having to endure more testing and skepticism than his fellow teammates do.

So far, by Armstrong's count, he's already had 24 drug tests since he started cycling again in August. 24!!!!!! That's insane! That's more than 3 a month! But what's worse is the latest test given our guy a new haircut!

Last week a French anti-doping inspector showed up unannounced and met up with the cyclist after he finished training in the south of France. That's when the inspector pulled out some scissors and chopped away at Armstrong's hair, taking six clumps for sampling. If that humiliation wasn't enough...Lancie-Poo was also "asked" to give blood and urine samples.

Regardless, in true Armstrong form, he let the press know the inspector who "flew down from Paris, he was a French doctor, couldn't have been nicer. He was a total gentleman. He didn't make my hair look very good, that's why I cut it after that, after he butchered it. There were a few good stripes at the back so we just buzzed it down."

Lancie-Poo posted a recent picture of himself with his new, short 'do on his Twitter photopage. And DISH has to say he is hot and yummy regardless of what his hair looks like. YUMMYYYYYY!

During his interview, he did add, "A lot of my co-workers and old friends and former teammates are (on) less than 5" tests. Though he says "I'm fully aware that it's part of the job. I knew that going in. I'm a little surprised by the frequency, but I'm not complaining." (Well DISH is complaining!! Que dans l'enfer???)

Either way, Armstrong has nothing to hide so the tests will only serve to continuing proving he is, with absolutely no question,completely doubt-free, the top record holder, best of the best. Legally and honestly!

Lori Freese