"High Class" Prostitution Ring Busted! Pimp-Tastic!

Oh Houston!! How delicious is THIS??!!

a Houston-based call girl...hahah cute call girl....group has been busted wide open (Oh Geez the jokes are writing themselves)

But it's not your everyday street walking "ho" job. This was online, make an appointment, follow up with a phone call and meet your girl at a Memorial Drive apartment (9900 Memorial Apartments, between the West Loop and Chimney Rock) type of set up. All three websites have been taken off line but it's the little black book that everyone is salivating to see. Houston's high profile attorneys, doctors and professional athletes. A list of about 1,500 people!

Click HERE to read the rest of the story...and keep your eyes on DISH for the list....WE WANT THAT LIST!!!

The part that makes us sad though is that the husband in the wife/hubby pimp-tastic team is the son  of a College Station radio personality that DISH used to work with back in our college radio days. You could not meet a nicer guy and his son goes and does this. Just shameful!

Lori Freese