DISH is Pissed!

SO last night was the Brilliant Lecture Series with Lauren Bacall. Oh what a glorious night! Lynn Wyatt, Cindi Rose, Jennifer Roosth, Dish know...all of the pretty people...ANYWAY we then went to the reception that we paid almost $900 for the three of us to go, (the three of us meaning DISH friend Jo, and our former Theatre and Speech teacher who drove all the way in from Austin for this event, Nan). It was a small but endearing crowd...until the end. It was clear that there was a line to meet Ms. Bacall but she was getting tired and was about ready to call it a night. The founding director of the Brilliant Lecture Series was stepping in and I let him know that we had not met Ms. Bacall yet but that we would be fast. He mentioned earlier in the evening that we didn't need to get in line immediately because she would be there for a while. SO there we are watching out moment with this legend dwindle and in steps this drunk. He gets down on his knee right in front of Ms. Bacall and puts his arms around Lynn Wyatt and Scott making sure to be the center of everything, pushy and un-ignorable and he starts talking and talking and talking...then stands up turns his back to us and starts introducing his girlfriend...whose hair needed help and we won't even start on the clothes...and his other friend as they are all walking out. Insuring that we did not in fact even get the opportunity to say hello to Ms. Bacall.

Note this...DISH doesn't get angry very often, but if we ever see you again...we will kick you...HARD!


P.S. The evening started out "Brilliantly" at the River Oaks Theatre where we watched "To Have and to Have Not" With Ms. Bacall and her hubby Humphrey Bogart. It's where they met. How romantic!! It really was a magical evening....until the end...did we mention that?


Lori Freese