Super Bowl not so Super for Houston Viewers

The numbers are already out and have been crunched and Houston was the 2nd lowest rated city for those watching the Super Bowl! Out of the 56 cities surveyed, only Salt Lake City came in under H-Town. Who are we kidding, no one really cared about either team and there were tons of things to do here yesterday that had NOTHING to do with football! It's the 4th year in a row Houston has cared less about the game.

The commercials were a hit as always though! Here are the 10 most-viewed ads during the Super Bowl, according to TiVo’s usage data from 30,000 subscribers:

1. "Enhanced?”
2. Bud Light: "Summer to Winter."
3. "It May Be Time."
4. Doritos: "Crystal Ball."
5. Transformers: "Revenge of the Fallen."
6. "Moose Head."
7. Bud Light: "Man Thrown out the Window."
8. Pepsi: "MacGruber/Pepsuber."
9. Denny’s: "Thugs."
10. Coke Zero: "Mr Polamalu.”

And here are the preliminary leaders in fan voting for the best Super Bowl ads on AOL’s

1. Coca-Cola: "Picnic.”
2. Budweiser: “Fetch.”
3. Bridgestone: “Moon Dancers.”
4. Budweiser: “Clydesdale.”
5. Bridgestone: "Mr. Potato Head."
6. Doritos: “Bus.”
7. E* “Babies.”
8. Budweiser: “Horse Love.”
9. "Moose."
10. "Hate Work." you think it's because the Texans suck so badly that it's just painful as a football fan to watch the Super Bowl?? Sure...let's go with that!