National Hug A Jew Day!

DISH loves huggie days and it has come to our attention that today is National Hug a Jew Day. It's considered a world-wide event, so we're not sure how it came to be known as the "national" but whatever...

So here are the rules...

* Every Jew that you see you must address with a hug

* This is an events for everyone around the world, Jews and non-Jews.

* Jew, in this event includes: any sect or part of Jewishness (half, quarter, traditional, conservative, reform, orthodox, chareide, chabad, ALL JEWS INCLUDED).

*Remember, invite all your friends and lastly everyone, HAPPY HUGGING!!

*** some religious jewish people can not touch the other sex so be careful if you have the slightest doubt you may want to ask them if you can hug them

you can hug the same person more than once and can recieve more than one hug. please take as many pictures as you can and send them to me and i will post the ones i think are the best, which would be most of them!