Make Yourself Better in 2009!

This is International Coaching Week. No...not sports...LIFE!!!

2009 is the year to build because when the economy is ready to boom again you will be perfectly positioned to blast off with it! But how do you do that???The non-profit organization Houston Coaches is how you do that.These people will help you navigate through this tough economic time and guide you through to the other side. In connection with International Coaching Week, Houston Coaches is offering complimentary coaching sessions to the community. In lieu of any payment, coaching clients can choose to make a tax-deductible donation to the United Way. Houston Coaches has partnered with the United Way to bring something empowering to Houstonians.

How freaking awesome is that??

Our fav local coach is Lisa Godfrey with CEO Visionaries. That who DISH uses! =)

RandomLori Freese