A-Rod's Big Duh Moment

Reports broke this weekend that New York Yankees slugger Alex Rodrigueztested positive for steroids use back in 2003. He's FINALLY owning up to the truth!  We'd feel sorry for him and his big bad year, but if you're gonna be dumb, you've gotta be tough.

A-Rod told ESPN on Monday that he did take the drugs while he was playing for the Texas Rangers. It apparently happened during a three-year period which began back in 2001. Rodriguez, the liar,said

"When I arrived in Texas in 2001, I felt an enormous amount of pressure. I needed to perform, and perform at a high level every day."

DISH calls BS on that one. What a horrible excuse!

He went on to say,

 "Back then, it was a different culture. It was very loose. I was young, I was stupid, I was naïve. I wanted to prove to everyone I was worth being one of the greatest players of all time. I did take a banned substance. For that, I'm very sorry and deeply regretful."

So Just wahat made him think that he would be worthy of being one of the all time greats by cheating?? Where is the logic in that thought??

His excuse making continued...

"I had just signed this enormous contract I felt like I needed something, a push, without over-investigating what I was taking, to get me to the next level. I am sorry for my Texas years. I apologize to the fans of Texas."

A-Rod claims he's now clean, question is, DO we care?? CHEATER, LIAR!! He should have to give his pay check back because he didn't earn it properly.

Back in 2007, during an interview with Katie Couric, he claimed he had never used 'roids. His excuse for that lie is...

 "at the time, I wasn't being truthful with myself. How could I be truthful with Katie Couric or CBS?"