Only Because It's Coming to Houston...

Is why DISH will talk about it....honestly we don't know many well educated big brains that love and adore wrestling...but here goes anyway.

Mickey Rourke is not the brightest bulb in the box. As we told you earlier, actor mentioned that he had agreed to participate in WrestleMania's big 25th anniversary this April in Houston. Rourke said the guys from WWE called and asked him to do it and he accepted (DISH is confused on this one, the movie is already out so there is no promoting that so is he thinking that the wrestling watching sect is going to make his star rise again??). Rourke also said Chris Jericho should "get in shape cause Mickey was gonna come after your ass." (Classy)

The saga continued Tuesday evening, Rourke and Jericho spoke via satellite on Larry King Live and hyped up the fight.

But there is, it seems the big badass is nothing more than a washed up actor!

A rep for Rourke said that in fact the actor will NOT be fighting against Jericho this April in Houston.

Apparently, "He is focusing entirely on his acting career," says his publicist.

SO...we are assuming they are doing this to see how much of an up roar his pulling out causes in the wrestling watching community?? geez people...get real. Rockets Basketball, Houston that's a sport!!