DISH'S Drinking Buddy's Baby Momma is in TROUBLE!

There is a posh boutique in L.A that is THE place for celebs and normal folks with large bank accounts to get the latest and greatest in clothing and accessories. It partners with celebs and their lines of clothes, purses etc for help boost their desirability. BUT....that doesn't always work out and here is anexample!The business partnership between Robertson Blvd. A-lister, Kitson, and Brazilian model/Matthew McConaughey's babymomma, Camila Alves has gone yucky bad!

The store is more than hacked because it's lost a lot of money on their handbag deal with Camila and the model's reportedly not holding up her end of the deal on promoting the line.

Kitson backed the new bag line, Muxo, and even played host for its big launch last August, those parties aren't cheap DISHIES!

The store says it spent $50,000 on the intricate bags made in Brazil and has only managed to sell half.


But that's not the stores only complaint. On top of that, the Beverly Hills store said Alves hasn't done the promo work that she promised to do. A store rep says,

"She hasn’t even been into the store once since (the August launch) and we can’t even get in contact with her… The price point is ridiculous; she can’t compete with Gucci and Louis Vuitton if she’s not going to even promote it. Camila also promised to build a Muxo diaper bag but never delivered."

When confronted with the store's accusation, Camila's camphad this to say:

"Ms. Alves, a dedicated business owner and mother, is committed on a full time basis to the minute-by-minute operations at Muxo, a commitment that has not wavered before or since the birth of her son Levi. Ms. Alves designs and manufacturers her one-of-a-kind line for the specialty and luxury hand bag markets using fine leather materials and labor intensive hand texturing techniques. Each bag, hand cut, finished and sewn, requires a second overlay process for the final artwork application that makes each and every bag unique and one-of-a-kind. The pricing of Muxo handbags is both appropriate and reasonable for the retailers and their customers."

How awesome of them to get the massive plug in for and about the bags but not really answer the problem at hand.

It's also been revealed that Camila will be designing a diaper bag, but it won't be for her Muxo line. It'll be exclusive to Lucky Brands.

SOMEBODY got screwed...we're just sayin'...Just Keep Livin!