More H-Town Knowles News

DISH swears these people must be so crazy shady...Rumors are spreading like the latest cold front that former Destiney's Child member Kelly Rowland has fired her longtime manager and father figure, Mathew Knowles.

The firing of Beyonce's dad reportedly took place yesterday.

They have known each other and worked together for so long, what in the world could have happened to make this firing happen?? hhmm maybe not giving Kelly the necessary attention and only focusing on his family members. Possibly the rumor that one of Beyonce's albums was dropped early specifically to push Kelly's first solo project to the back?? hhmm Just Sayin'

DISH is begging for Rowland to DISH about this soon! Inquiring minds want know. She's too classy to really DISH if she does talk, DISH will be more than happy to pass along to obligatory and official "Press" answer. It's was time to move on, I needed a change, a new direction. We are all still friends and I respect them so much. We even still talk all the time...blah blah blah