Prozac for Puppies!!!!

No, this has absolutely nothing to do with Houston or even Texas for that matter but it was so funny it just had to be written!!!

According to reports, 76-year old former French president, Jacques Chirac, was hospitalized after he was mauled by his 'clinically depressed', little, white Maltese pooch, Sumo.

Yes, Sumo... as in the Japanese wresteling sport. Apparently the ex-pres was fascinated by sumo!

The former president's wife, Bernadette, told the media,

"The dog went for him for no apparent reason. We were already aware the animal was unpredictable and is actually being treated with pills for depression. My husband was bitten quite badly, but he is certain to make a full recovery over the coming weeks."

I'm sorry....Can we just "paws" for a minute??

How the f*ck is a dog "clinically depressed"?????? And how do you treat that???? Are they really giving the dog anti-depressants?? Please tell me there is something massive lost in translation here!

Ok...back to the story...Mrs. Chirac did not reveal where on his body the former pres was attacked.

Sumo was given to Chirac as a gift from his grandson. (Did his grandson hate him? Was the dog always "unstable"?)

SOOOO...What's going to happen to Sumo?

Eternal sleep????

Truth is, if Sumo is actually clinically depressed the Big Sleep would not be appropriate. Do they have a mental hospital for dogs? Oh dear God I think we have just come up with a new business idea!! DO you know how many people would actually waste money on something like that??? We'll start with the former French Pres!