Just Who Does Beyonce Think She is??

OMG! This is some out of control behavior! Just who does this idiot think she is?? Even the President doesn't have this kind of ego and attitude. Take a cue from your leader Big B! According to Beyonce, a "diva is a female version of a hustler," but the Houston singer who loves telling people about her mutiple personality disorder, refused to hustlethe four blocks to her car. (DISH Insite: Do you know what a HUSTLE is??? It isn't someone who is kind and loving...Click HEREfor Webster's thoughts on the word...hhmm not only ignorant and mentally unstable, but admittedly mean, pushy and forceful to get her way...hhmm).

Finishing up with rehearsal for his pre-inaugural concert, Jay-Zand wifey B discovered that the streets around the theater had been shut down by police for the Big Day (you know, for the Inauguration of the President of the United States...NOT Jay-Z and B!) The cops told the couple they'd have to walk to their waiting car four blocks away.

Well, Sasha refused to walk in the cold - in heels! - and the cops refused to yield to her demands, but….(DISH Insite: A Diva can run a marathon in her heals...what kind of DIVA are you B if you can't walk 4 blocks in heals?? FAKE!!!)

The President's own Secret Service gave in and let their driver come around to fetch the diva and her hustler and take them to their hotel so they could change and return to the theater.


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