When DISH said we were sick early last week, we weren't kidding! We figured a couple of days in bed would keep us strong and we'd be able to fight it off. Feeling better - ish, we happily went to "The Man Plan" by Whitney Casey book signing at The Upper Hand Salon. Then to the Ruggles Green opening...btw, we had the wrong address it's on Alabama near Flemmings, Personal Day spa and The Wine Bucket. Then we went to the Young Professionals night at the Petroleum Club...At the Petrol club we lost our voice and have been in bed since Friday completely miserable with no voice and coughing up small animals and children. It's beyond Chicken Noodle Soup!

We did get some great suggestions of Houston's places that have awesome soup selections, however we are actually too sick to get out and get them. But here are the top 5

1) Katz's Deli

2) Kenny & Ziggy's

3) Central Market

4) Cafe Express

5) Any of the Farmer's Markets.

Thanks for the suggestions DISHIES!!!

P.S. WIll have the updates of the earlier mentioned gatherings when we feel better and can stay awake for more than 3 hours at a time without coughing.

Stay well and if you think you are better...stay in bed one extra day!


RandomLori Freese