Being Sick Sucks

SO DISH has a cold/flu type thingy. Being sick sucks because, to add insult to injury... we keep getting Kleenex dust in our lipgloss We have gotten weak and chosen to go with the over the counter medicine option rather than the natural way...because we are miserable. Mucinex DM and Nyquil for the evenings. Lots of H2O and of course the all knowing, all healing Chicken Noodle Soup. Here in lies the question...Which restaurant in Houston has the best CNS?
Last night DISH stopped by Half Price Books to get a sick book (we read constantly but when sick there is a break from the regular's like a little treat if you will for having to be sick...we chose The Black Lizard Anthology of Crime Fiction)

ANYWHO...we started to go down hill fast in the store so just stopped by Schlotzsky's. They have an ok CNS but certainly not the best. Katz's deli has an awesome Matzo Ball Soup....excellent actually, then there is Kenny & Ziggy's.

And you have crackers with CNS...DISH feels the best are Premium Saltine, Original Flavor.

If you have any suggestions please click HEREand pass them along. I figure I might as well become a connoisseur of CNS whilst sick. =) That way next time you are sick..and I pray it never happens, you don't have to do the research...just go to wherever wins and stock up! =)

Stay Well DISHIES!!