Music's Latest Train Wreck is from Houston!!!

OH WE LOVE EVERY OUNCE OF THIS!!! Solange Knowles, Beyonce's little sister obviously doesn't have their mother Miss Tina dressing her because B never looked this bad!!

OOOHHH What in the heck is that girl wearing?? It looks like she accidentally ran into an ostrich on the way out of the car right onto the red carpet and just had to "Go with it" as they say! OUCH!

Plus...there was this whole incident on the Vegas television morning show! Click HERE for that! She was asked a question off air and thought it was on air. She made a backside out of herself by being rude publically to the interviewer, by showing how green she really is and by outing her sister Beyonce and Jay-Z's marriage that they were trying to keep secret. =) quickly we forget that she was the first in the long line of teenage pregnant girls!!??? Little miss got preggers at 17 and married the father. She then got divorced less than 3 years later.

So do we call that an obvious oops(not the innocent kid...he's a blessing..albiet an early one)...or do we now start calling her a role model?? Oh how the record does spin!!

We can't wait to see what happens with her next!

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