DISH'S Rocking Thursday Night!!

So we were on our way to the beauty event at Neiman's last evening and we stop to worship at the house of Ralph, just a part of every trip to the Galleria. It's a must! They just got their pre-fall line in! =) Turns out, Ralph was having a scotch tasting party! Thankfully they had wine too because DISH doesn't really do scotch. The line is beautiful and we met some amazing new friends there! Edward who works on the men's side, always shop with him and Nikki on the women's side!! Simply delightful people! ALSO...this wonderful man David who writes a FASHION blog! He's got a great eye and an awesoem wife to boot! Click HERE for his blog! Speaking of boots, Ralph has an amazing pair this season that DISH much have!!!

The Neiman's Beauty event was alright, interesting was comfort food in mini form...and bad wine. It was crowded but beauty and lip gloss everywhere so DISH was pretty happy over all! =) Make sure you check out both on your next trrip to the shopping mecca of Houston! =)

Tell Eddie and Nikki DISH said HI!