The Best Waiter in H-Town...

Works at Barnaby's on Gray. His name is Jacob and DISH loves his sense of humor! He's soooo funny! Very dry and only the uptight and self focused don't get the people that were sitting next to us! This guy, who apparently is a musician, decided that he was not getting the type of service that he felt he deserved and took it out on sweet Jacob! SHUT UP!! What's worse is that he used a joke that was happening between Jacob and our table for part of his argument to the manager. Needless to say...what the uptighties left, DISH followed that nastiness right outseide and created her OWN nastiness! Fine if you have issues, but don't use me for your argument unless otherwise approved!

SO go eat at Barnaby's and ask for Jacob! You'll get the best food and service in town...Tell them DISH sent you! =)

Food and DrinkLori Freese