What was Causing Yesterday's Traffic jam??? Depends...

LITERALLY!!!! A tractor-trailer accident blocked the West Loop southbound ramp to the Katy Freeway inbound early Thursday monring. The trailer made a soft roll onto its side after the driver tried to maneuver a turn. No one was seriously hurt, but the load of adult diapers that the driver was hauling was thrown on the freeway ramp. It took authorities several hours to clean up the mess and that caused traffic to back up for miles.

Joke # 1) Backed up?? Just struck me funny when talking about diapers.

Joke # 2) Fitting the adult diaper load un loaded in Houston...odd that it wasn't near NASA

Joke # 3) Hours to clean up?? The "authorities" obviously wern't women!  A woman can change a diaper with one hand while cooking dinner with the other in less than 3 minutes!

Joke # 4) You mean there was an actual reason for Houston's morning traffic? You are full of poop!

And we are done now =)