Stop Emailing about Victoria Osteen!!!

Obviously the world knows that DISH attends Lakewood Church and everyone is emailing asking our thoughts on the upcoming trial. DISH has not written about it yet because we are not sure how we feel about the whole's silly and stupid for starters, but then it's also a serious matter. We really want to BLAST that alledgedly nutso woman that is suing our sweet Vicky, however...we could get sued for that and seeing how she is sue-ing mad...we would like to avoid that...=)

So we suggest that you read into that what you will and when we are more settled about it we will write more =)

P.S We DO love the fact that Rusty Hardin, the Osteen's lawyer,  worked against Anna Nicole Smith in that whole money issue wtih her dead hubby...she's involved in everything isn't she???

RandomLori Freese