Houston as Art

DISH had the most amazingly wonderful time at Raindrop Chocolate on Thursday night!!! Don, the owner and one of DISH'S favorite people, is a huge supporter or local artists...as is DISH...we support anything local! Don has different local artists who wouldn't otherwise have a voice show in his store and the current show is a wonderful photographer named Jesse! His show is called Perspectives and you have to see it! It shows the art that is Houston! Our city is known world wide for it's archetecture and Jesse has captured H-Town in the most wonderful way!  What DISH loves even more is that Jesse doesn't feel his art is ready for viewing until his beautiful wife Tewlyn has seen it and given her approval! What a wonderful partnership! OOHH and that lady has some awesome legs!! We're just saying! Make sure you stop by Raindrop Chocolate to see that show and snack on some homemade gelatto whie you are at it. It's a gift you deserve to give to yourself!

DISH and Jesse in front of DISH'S fav pic! We have a crush on the AIG building flag =)