Houston's Tops!


Though Houston has plenty of fat cats, this is not a story about America's Most Overweight Cities! .According to Forbes, our beautiful city is recognized for its dynamic business environment, low unemployment and high wages relative to cost of living. These factors make Houston the best city to earn a living!

A record amount of money has been made off oil and commodities this year, and Houston is the American business hub of those industries. Throw in the weak dollar, which allows Houston-based materials companies to glean more cash off exports and increases the price of gasoline, and it's easy to understand why the city excels.

DISH has mixed feelings about this. BUT  we are delighted that someone somewhere is making money..It's very true, our city is an awesome place to live. It has so much to offer with it's cultural diversity, huge arts community and so many locally owned businesses. We can make it even better by making sure we shop locally and live as greenly as possible!


RandomLori Freese