Happy Birthday - Your Dad's Going to Jail!

Houstonian Hilary Duff's dad will be spending up to ten days in jail -- all because of a fight over cash for Hilary's birthday party.

According to the Houston Chronicle, mama Duff dragged her ex into court this week -- and this is no joke -- to ask for $25,000 to throw a party for Hilary's 21st birthday -- because that's what they spent on Haylie's 21st bday two years ago. (Don't you just love parents that treat both kids the same?)

After the judge told Bob he had to shell out $12,500 for the bash -- he decided to sentence Bob to 10 days in jail for contempt of court for selling assets without court approval to the tune of $367,537. (OOPS)

When Bob was cuffed, mama Duff supposedly mumbled "This isn't what I wanted." Apparently all she wanted was a whole lot of money -- something her kids have already made themselves. (DISH knows alot of dead beat dads that should have this treatment...however, the Duff family is not it)
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