An Update from the Desk of the Obvious

Yes...It's raining and DISH is blaiming the weather for being fat. We can't go outside to run if it's raining. Well... we could..but then we would not have anything to complain about! We will tell you that there is a way out of these rainy day getting PINK!

Pink Door is having their 1 year anniversary party tonight between 6 and 9 at Salude! Winery on Montrose! Everyone is invited and 20% of the profits from the Pink Door wine will go to the charity! It's for cancer survivors!! We are buying a bottle for our friend who's birthday is this weekend and is a survivor herself! Double Celebration!!! =) OOHH WE LOVE REASONS TO CELEBRATE...AND ALCOHOL!!! AND PINK!!

Plus you can go over to Top Drawer Lingerie this weekend and buy yourself something pretty for 30 - 70% off!! Mention you read about it on DISH and you get an extra 10% off! It's a free gift almost! OH HOW FABOO!! WE LOVE ALMOST FREE THINGS! =)

So there ya go, reasons to be happy even in the rain! Now get out there, buy yourself some gorgeous and practically free lingerie and celebrate your new purchase by toasting to the health of a cancer survivor with pink wine! =)