DISHIE Updates!!

Hello Gorgeous DISH readers!!!! There has been so much going on in the world of DISH!! And so much more coming up! We have just added some more Houston staples to the Where to go and What to do DISH. We are participating in two HUGE charity events this week and we would love to see you at both!

1) Wednesday...Mothers for Clean Air is hosting the Green Drinks at Beavers! 25% of the Green Drinks go to the MFCA!

2) Thursday... Pink Door 1st year Anniversary at Salude! 6 - 9 pm! Salud! Pink wine is a multi-series release with varied label artwork inspired by the lively nature of summer.  The ambition of the wine release is to honor the brave women who persevere through cancer and seek a new life once they are in remission, looking to Pink Door to help them find a new career path after years in treatment. Call Pink Door or Salude! for your bottles today!

Hope your week is just as amazing as ours is and we look forward to meeting you out!!