Top Gaykons of the World!

We know this has absolutely nothing directly to do with Houston or Texas but DISH loves our gays and this is an awesome story. =)    In a new survey taken by a gaggle of British men...Our lovely Aussie Kylie has been knocked off  of the Ultimate Gay Ikon List by slutty soccer stud Cristiano Ronaldo!!! (We kind of don't get it, he has a great body, but that face?? hhmmm He looks like a slimmy human. DON'T DATE PLAYERS LADIES!!!) So the rest of the list goes like this =)

2. Kylie Minogue

3. Judy Garland

4. Elton John

5. Liza Minnelli

6. The Village People

7. David Beckham (WHAT??? Where's my POSHIE???)

8. George Michael

9. John Barrowman

10. Paul O’Grady

Here are some of DISH'S Texas Suggestions

1) Our future ex-boyfriend Lance Armstrong

2) Mathew  our Bongo Playing new daddy

3) DOw at Top Drawer Lingerie...YUMMY!

4) LeToya Luckett, That lady is FIERCE!!

5) Ann Richards, Nobody but Nobody could look as great on a Harley!

Lori Freese