Something from the "Well Duh" dept.

VIctoria Osteen was cleared of all charges today after two hours of deliberation, the jury panel of five men and seven women reached its verdict.. NOT GUILTY!!! The trial started one week ago. Victoria Osteen mouthed, "Thank you, Jesus" after the decision was announced. The Osteens then hugged numerous friends and parishioners who were in the courtroom.


Sharon Brown smiled and did not appear to be upset at the verdict.


"Sharon will go on and she will remain flying with Continental. She was glad she could get the case out. That's what we said for three years -- we wanted to be able to give it to a Harris County jury. They made a decision. We're thankful," Brown's attorney Reginald McKamie said. "It's too premature to decide on an appeal."

Note to wealthy Continental Fliers...If you see Brown on your flight, you might want to consider changing your flight to a later one!

P.S. I wonder what this verdict will do for her hemroids.

RandomLori Freese