Up to 70% off Houston's Best Lingerie??? Heck Yeah!!

It's true it's true it's true!!!! 

You know DISH doesn't give bad gifts! Our new advertiser is Top Drawer Lingerie and they are having one of their HUGE sales beginning August 15 - 31st. This only happens twice a year so don't miss your chance! They carry the most amazing lingerie, the best lines from Europe, sleep and loungeware and even bathing suits! Here's the rub, their sale gives you between 30-70% off, but being a DISH reader, you get an extra 10% off of that! So a gorgeous $100 bra now costs you $20! =)
Make sure you share this amazing deal with all of your friends!
Here is your DISH-Discount for August! Now go get dressed and get over there so you can look good undressed! =)
P.S. While there, ask for young Dow. He's one of the owners and soooooo HOT! You know DISH knows where the best deals and yummiest men are!!
Beauty, Shopping Lori Freese