Texan Eva Longoria is ready to Kiss Vegas, While Vicki Beckham Says no to Food.

Eva Longoria has asked her good friend, Victoria Beckham to join her restaurant business as she was going to set up a new restaurant in Las Vegas. (Yo Eva...What about bring some of that love HOME!!!)

Eva Longoria’s Beso restaurant in Hollywood is reportedly doing well and naturally wants to repeat her success in Las Vegas.

Initially, Victoria was excited about the prospect but after consulting her husband David, she declined to get involved in the food industry. It was rumored that David thought Victoria might be spreading herself thin (or was he afraid of her getting fat???) as she had her fashion line and her growing family of three children to care for. (Plus there are stories about them trying to have another!!)

Victoria Beckham will be giving Eva help on the launch party...she will oversee the guest list for the launch party.

POSHIE...Don't forget to invite your DISHIE!!!!