DISH'S Future ex-Boyfriend is Riding Again!!

Our Lancie took second place in the Leadville Trail 100 this weekend pushing six-time defending champion Dave Wiens to a record time in the "Race Across the Sky," a lung-searing 100-mile mountain bike race through the Rockies.

"I was empty at the end just in terms of fuel. I just haven't had seven-hour rides," Armstrong said after his first finish in a competitive bike race since he retired following his seventh straight triumph in the Tour de France.

Wiens crossed the finish on a flat back tire in 6 hours, 45 minutes, 45 seconds, shaving 13 minutes off the record he set last year while holding off Floyd Landis. (and we all remember Floyd and his alledged drug issues)

Armstrong crossed 1 minute, 56 seconds later on a cool, cloudy afternoon. (Not too shabby, Honey!! Stay in good shape for when we date...DISH doesn't like flabby boys heehee)

The winner of the Leadville 100 was so sweet and said some very nice things about our future ex..."The guy that I raced today wasn't the guy who won the Tours, so I don't put myself in that category," Wiens said. "But it was great of him to come out and do this race and to race with all the people. He's a class act out there. It was fun. We didn't talk a whole lot because it seemed like it was pretty much business."  Wiens suggested before the race that Armstrong was either selling himself short or setting him up, and sure enough Armstrong pushed him like nobody ever had.

"At the end I realized I was thoroughly cooked, but I said, 'I am having a good time,'" Armstrong said. "That's why I wanted to come out here. I didn't expect to beat this guy so I just wanted have something out there to shoot for, train for, stay in shape for and it was a blast. It really was."

Armstrong said his next competitive race will be the Chicago Marathon in October. 

GOOOOOO LANCIE!!!!! DISH is convinced Lancie took up running so we'd have something to do together other than charity work and bedroom antics =) How thoughtful!