Kravitz, the Good guy!

Everyone knows Lenny Kravitz is the summit of cool but it turns out he is a really good guy all the way down to his molten lava really hot core!

His former manager, Guy Orsery, who also manages A-Rod and Madonna, is the one that put it together that Cynthia (A-Rod's soon to be ex-wife) should go visit their mutual friend, Kravitz for some quiet time before filing for the big D! WWWWEEEEEEELLLLLLLLLLLL. Lenny is PISSED! So much so that Oseary, his longtime manager, was getting his clients Madonna and A-Rod entangled in their current mess, he fired him.

According to reports in the New York Post, Oseary dragged Lenny into the fray after mentioning that he was planning on "pimping out" his clients Madonna and A-Rod–- at least according to Cynthia Rodriguez' trainer and pal Dodd Romero. Romero says they were all together on Lenny's tour bus when the "news" about him and C-Rod broke.

"Lenny looked like he was going to throw up," says Dodd. "Lenny said, 'I worked so hard to clean up my image and now ... this."

Go get 'em, Lenny! Good for you!!!