WImby FInals...Rain Delay!

Wimbledon Men's Finals are today!! Yippeee!!! DISH LOVES tennis! The energy and excitement that goes along with the slams is enough to get us jumping to the ceiling! Not to mention the small fact that the men are HOOOOOOOOOT! vamos%20rafa.jpgToday, as everyday, we are rooting for Rafael Nadal. It would be a huge coup for him to take his first Wimby win making him the king of the slams! Federer has yet to take the French Open because his strongest game is not on clay. This is the factor that is keeping Nadal from the Wimby win, grass is not his strongest surface. VAMOS RAFA!!!! We actually have a Vamos Rafa t-shirt that we bought at the U.S. Open and we are wearing it today!! SO we are fashionable as well as sports focused! Men love a woman like that!! HAHAHAHA (The score during the rain delay has RAFA winning, only one set away, 4-6, 4-6, 5-4!) Needless to say, DISH is running around the house scaring the DISH dogs whilst screaming VAMOS RAFAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA!

williams%20sister.jpgSince there is a rain delay right now, we can calm down enough to discuss the Williams vs. Willams final yesterday in women's!!! Typically these two playing each other is boring. They know each other's game so well that it's sloppy, slow and predictable. That's sooooo not what happened yesterday! There were grunts and shrieks, fist pumps, ripped backhands aimed with malice at the midsection, a Wimbledon-record 129 mph serve which broke the women's serve speed record!  Venus has not beat her little sister for the past 5 slam final match ups but she did it yesterday with the final score was 7-5, 6-4. The successful sisters also won the women's doubles finals last night! Being the last Americans in the slam, well done ladies!! 

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