Don't Fear the Repo Man

A man has been accused of posing as a repo man to steal cars!! Eraclio Salas, 24, was in the custody of U.S. marshals Wednesday, charged with two counts of aggravated robbery with a deadly weapon.


He, of course, said he has not been ripping people off. "It's a mother (expletive) lie," said Salas. "Prove it."  (what a classy dude!!!)


Harris County detectives said Salas got his hands on a stolen tow truck and used it to steal as many as 150 cars. (how many is that iin a night? DISH wonders what his daily average was.)


"He was impersonating a repo man, going to locations, taking them illegally," said Cameron Welch of the U.S. Marshals Service.


Investigators said he gave the tow truck new tires and renamed it All Angel's Towing.


He did not have any permits to tow and his so-called company was not registered, detectives said.


"It's our understanding he just owned a tow truck," said Welch. (wait... a minute ago they sais it was stolen)


One woman who had her car stolen said she thought at first he had just made a mistake.


"He said, 'We're repo-ing the car,'" said the woman, who requested not to be identified. "I paid it off a year and a half ago."


She said Salas tried to hook up her PT Cruiser to his tow truck in the middle of the night. She said she confronted him and Salas pulled a gun. She realized that it was not a mistake.


"He wouldn't just pull a gun," she said. "That's when I knew he was trying to steal my car, not repo-ing it."


Detectives said she was not the only one he threatened to shoot.


"He kept pointing the gun and fired into the sky and said, 'If I really wanted to shoot you, I would," said Joshua Dean.


These alleged victims said it's a good thing he's off the streets.


"I'm glad he's caught not able to harm or scare anyone like he did us," the woman said.


Detectives said they believe Salas may have had help from his family. His older brother, also named Eraclio Salas, was helping with the thefts, but never got violent, investigators said. They are still looking for him. (same name??? is this a George Foreman type experience?)