Beautiful Pups!!

If you have ever read DISH you know how much we love "green" products as well as local businesses and our DISH pups! WELL!!!! We have been blessed enough to find all three in one! The GREEN product that is made by a LOCAL company and  is for our DOGS and it's called K9 Cleanse! We waited for the rain to pass and then had a spa day for the DISH Dogs today. The owner of the company, Courtney, brought us the product the other day along with the cutest little rubber duckey doggie! THANKS COURTNEY! First of all, the shampoo and conditioner smell sooo reminds us of a lipgloss we used to wear when we were little! =) Now the DISH Dogs don't necessarily like getting wet, but they understand it's a part of the beauty that their mother forces them to live within. SOOO we got down to the washing...then rinsed and put the conditioner on and let it sit while we brushed teeth. The DISH Dogs are not long haired but they usually end up with really dry skin after a wash so we conditioned to protect their skin. They have never felt so soft!!! They are so shiney tooooooo! =) Most importantly they are NOT scratching their dry skin because thanks to the K9 Cleanse Conditioner, they don't have dry skin!!! YIPPEEEEEEE 

But the best part is that this product is good for the pups and the environment! It's all natural so if it gets into their eyes or they drink a little bit of it with their bath water it's OK! And it's ok going down the drain! You have to buy K9 Cleanse if you love your pups and the Earth! =) We will officially never use anything else! After all...we, our pups and our earth deserve the best!

BeautyLori Freese