Well Helloooo Dolly!

Maybe. Dolly is developing in the gulf and it's too early to tell just where she's actually headed, somewhere between here and Rockport...ish. Those meteorologists never really know. But they are saying the chances of rain will go up between now and Wednesday! HAHAHAHA

Either way, DISH'S sister reminded us today that we should have our hurricane kit in order! Check the batteries in your flashlights, make sure you have back ups (DISH always seems to be out of batteries...hhhmm). Have plenty of candles and matches plus all kinds of canned food that doesn't need to be refrigerated or cooked to be eaten and a hand crank can opener. Have water and back up food for pets as well! Plus...and here's the kicker...gas in the car!!! Oddly, the most expensive part of the entire event...even if your house floods and the roof gets torn off.

Enjoy the season!

RandomLori Freese