Former Power Ranger Attempts to cut off own Penis

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Skylar Deleon -power ranger tries to cut own penis off in jail

Skylar Deleon, an extra on “Might Morphin Power Rangers” movie, tried to saw his own penis off with a razor blade, while in jail for allegedly murdering a couple for their yacht.

Skylar Deleon, along with his wife, Jennifer Deleon, has been charged with allegedly murdering a couple at sea as part of a plot to steal their yacht. Jennifer Deleon has already been convicted and has life in prison. Skylar Deleon is currently awaiting trial for his part in the murders.

Skylar Deleon, 29, was hospitalized after he attempted to cut off his penis in his jail cell, in the mental ward.

The Orange County Sheriff’s department told the LA Times, “Somehow he got hold of a razor blade and tried to saw off his penis, but didn’t complete the job. We do known there was a lot of blood and it was quite a scene. But from what I know, he didn’t finish his task, and maybe it was too painful and that made him stop”.

Jail officials have not said why he tried to cut his own penis off, or how he got his hands on a razor blade in the first place.

Deleon’s penis was reattached and he was returned to jail the next day, said Damon Micalizzi, a spokesman for the Orange County Sheriff’s Department.

Skylar Deleon is in jail for the murders of Thomas and Jackie Hawkes. The Hawkses agreed to take Skylar Deleon, then 27, his pregnant wife Jennifer, 25 and a few friends out for a test ride off the coast of Newport Beach, California, as they stated they were interested in buying the Hawkes’ yacht.

But Deleon — a former child actor who appeared in the television series “Power Rangers” — had other plans. Several miles out to sea, the couple was attacked with a stun gun and tied to the yacht’s anchor. They were thrown overboard alive and have never been found.

Despite having no bodies, police were able to put the pieces of the murder together in the complicated case and the Orange County District Attorneys Office have charged the trio and two others with murdering the Hawkses. The district attorney says they will seek the death penalty against Deleon, for committing multiple murders and murder for financial gain.

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