Don't Tase me Bro!

You'll be hard pressed to get your bag on to the airplane these days without having to pay extra, but now, it's being proposed that you will get to wear a bracelet that will tase you for free if you get out of line! Oh how thoughtful! Jewelry with a purpose!

According to an article in the Washington Post today an official in the Department of Homeland Security has expressed interest (click HERE to read the letter) in a new security device created by Lambert Less Lethal. The device is a bracelet that will take the place of a boarding pass, contain personal information about the passenger, show the where abouts of the passenger and their luggage at all time and have the ability to deliver a taser shock that will immobilize the passenger for one to two minutes if they get out of line.

Click HERE to watch the promotional video!

DISH smells a big ol' heapin' hand of lawsuits comin' on!