DFW Police were TRIPPIN'!!

The teen accused of drugging the cops via tainted cookies...has been cleared! The police were lying!

According to new reports, Texan teen Christian Phillips is NOT a cookie 'monster'.  Authorities claimed earlier this week that Philips gifted cookies laced with marijuana and LSD to about a dozen Dallas-Fort Worth police stations. But, lab tests performed by a county medical examiner's office found that the cookies were negative for drugs. The report also claims that Phillips was serving court-appointed community service with Mothers Against Drunk Driving when he delivered the cookies. MADD previously said that Phillips had no connection to the organization. Liars all around!!!!!

Philips was released from jail on Thursday. The vindicated teen was facing up to 20 years in prison and fine of $10,000 if he had been convicted of the cookie drugging related offenses. Neither he nor his family would comment Thursday night.

sniff sniff....what is that?? Do you smell that??? We smell a lawsuit!