It's Written so it MUST be True!!!

It's been written in reports on other "gossip" website that HOUSTON ...yes our beloved H-Town is officially the center of the Universe!!!!

No kidding!  Well at the very least suffering from a small time warp...the universe may implode from the collective power drain from electric blow dryers going nuts on August 29, when Rock the Bayou arrives in Houston: Bret Michaels, Sammy Hagar Dokken, Great White, Enuff Z'nuff. Bullet Boys w/ Steven Adler, Britny Fox, Warrent, Alice Cooper, Twisted Sister and soooo many more including Skid that with or sans Sebastian??

Regardless...DISH will be there with her black fringe bra, huge hair, skin tight black dress with the low scoop back and black pumps with sock! hhmm where is that black charcoal eye liner...and chain chocker....

OH NO!!! Our White Rain hairspray is all dried out!! DO they make it any more????
MusicLori Freese