The World is Full of Idiots: Houston Addition

The Fiancée of one of the victims in the Joe Horn case spoke out regarding the outcome of the hearing and this is what she had to say...

"I'm more than angry right now. Our lives have no value. Why -- because of the color of their skin. He shot them in the back. His life was never in danger. They never seen him. They didn't have a weapon. He shot them in the back," said Stephanie Storey, a victim's fiancé.

OK...well Stephanie, let's start with..NICE GRAMMER! We'll end with, Horn had no idea if these guys were armed or not and it didn't really matter because, and here's the kicker,  THEY WERE BREAKING INTO HIS NEIGHBORS HOUSE WITH INTENT TO ROB HIM BLIND!!!!!

What exactly did you expect him to do honey??? Call to them to get their attention and the ask kindly if they were armed before making his decision on weather to shoot them?? Just how dumb are you Steph???

Just askin'.

RantLori Freese