T-Mobile, Worst in Houston

DISH has been a loyal T-Moble customer for 6 years and something has happened over the past 3 months that is sooo wrong!

All of the sudden our service is terrible! The brand new Sidekick 3 barely gets service, and the dropped calls are out of control. We suffer from drop call syndrome at least 4 or 5 times a day. Plus when we answer the phone or the call we are making connects after ringing, there is a horrible loud ear piercing static sound so you have to hang up and make the call again. T-Mobile...YOU ARE ON NOTICE! What we are getting at is...if you are looking to change your service, just don't switch to T-Mobile, it's the worst!

P.S. We are writing this because the final straw is the fact that we have not had service most of the day!

RantLori Freese