Continental Airlines...

Why can't our government be more like Continental Airlines? The Houston based airline company announced this week that they would have to cut 3000 jobs and 30% of their flights by the fall because of rising gas prices. "The airline industry is in a crisis," CEO Larry Kellner and president Jeff Smisek said in a memo to the Houston-based carrier's employees. "The actions we are announcing are necessary to secure our future."
Bad? yes.

But in turn CEO Larry Kellner and President Jeff Smisek have forgone their salaries and bonuses for the rest of the year as well. They have put themselves in the trenches with the rest of their employees. DISH'S faith in humanity was renewed the second we heard that news! What an amazing boss! I would like to see Donald Trump do that, or our senators and congress people (people...trying to be pc)! That, my friend, is the behaviour of a leader!

DISH has always been a Continental Airlines fan, but that's all DISH will fly from now on.

RandomLori Freese