Choke the Movie's Promotional Items will Choke you up!..or something like that

In the Daily Texan this week...Chuck Palahniuk, the writer of the Brad Pitt movie Fight Club was interviewed. He has another book that has been turned into a soon to be released movie called Choke. (the book it's based on is called Snuff) and 20th Century Fox's advertising campaign for the movie is anything but's a quote from the interview..

Chuck Says  "I'm kind of stunned myself. I guess I've been bumped up the publicity ladder. Originally they came to me and wanted to do a fifteen-minute interview with the writer at his desk, and it just sounded so dry and awful, so I counter-proposed the fake, more entertaining interview with Cassie. It turned out so well that they broke it into 3 pieces. They came up with the ideas of the trailers, and at the same time I was ordering thousands of blow-up sex dolls to give out at the events. And then also 20th Century Fox is gearing up to publicize "Choke," so they have all these Chinese factory anal beads. It was all of these things coming together."

hhmm anal beads... P.S. Angelica Huston and Sam Rockwell are in Choke. It's out Sept. 26th! DISHIE!