DISH loves The Tasting Room!!!

We have actually always loved The Tasting Room. We have been hanging there since it opened 5 years ago, HOWEVER, there is a new reason to love it! The Uptown Park location has just started a new lunch menu and it's AMAZING! They treated DISH to a menu preview today, we had the turk-a-mole sandwich and one of the most beautiful fruit salads ever! If you ever shopped the gourmet deli they had there, you will have a small idea of the new lunch menu. It's the deli but 110% better! Plus the deli has become the most wonderful private room, called The Reserve Room, with a gourmet dinner menu and separate wine cellar for a distinguished evening so make sure you check that out! You can go from live flamenco music and a fun crowd in the main room to a nice quiet relaxing evening in the other...but without forgetting what's beyond the double doors because there is a huge painting of the Rolling Stones that DISH is very partial to! They will be extending the outside deck and adding a small wine store soon as well. DISH is all a titter about The Tasting Room's changes, additions and new food! Make sure you check it out soon and tell owners Jerry and Jonathan Hi from DISH!