MISSION Product Skin Care that of the most handsome men DISH has ever met (Chris Valletta, Google him, it's worth it!!!) is the VP of Strategic Partnerships for this awesome new skin care line...and he thought DISH was strategic! =)

SOOOOO MISSION Product is Athlete Engineered Skin Care. It's been tested and re-tested by the biggest names in sports like two time NBA MVP Steve Nash (DISH'S Fave number 13!!!) two time Olympic gold medal winner Amanda Beard, two time Olympic gold medal soccer player Mia Hamm, and so many more have joined the team at MISSION Product and are intimately involved in product innovation and development.

Well DISH felt like a gold medal winner today because we used these products on our run...and we can report in HOUSTON TEXAS 90 plus degree weather with at least 65% humidity that these products hold up and perform! We are huge lippie stuff fans and the Lip Protector SPF 20 is brilliant! it's moisturizing and stays put even on a long, hard run! Huffing and puffing ain't got nothing on this stuff!

We also used the Foot synergy gel before and after the run...we'll report in the morning the après effect, but the pre was wonderful. moisturizing and energizing while on the run without creating more sweat and slip.

Then there was the Anti-Friction Cream, we have been using the regular stick glide type...but Mission Product Anti-Friction Cream also moisturizes and prevents cracking so you can use it on your feeties.

We used the Revive Gel High Performance Moisturizer this's for all over the body and after a long ski or hot run in the sun, this is perfect for nourishing and rehydrating. We actually used it on the face this evening and it feels PHENOMENAL! (That's our best Jim Rome impression).

We are using the Daily Offence 30 SPF stick tomorrow, we'll see how that holds up in the hot sweaty sun, but if it's even half as good as the other's going to be a winner! It's made with anti-sting technology so it won't bother your eyes if it gets in there.

Go get these Mission Products!! They are so reasonably priced we almost feel guilty for getting the for free!!

Shop HERE!! The best part is they are made with natural products so it's actually good for you AND the environment! WELL DONE MISSION PRODUCT!!