It's Pride Weekend!!!!!

Come join the celebration! June 28, 2008 marks 30 years of GLBT Pride in Houston. Featuring a colorful disco theme, Pride 2008 reminds us that for the past 30 years, and into the distant future, We Are Family! The 2008 Pride Celebration will feature the traditional Parade down Westheimer, between Dunlavy and Crocker. The 2008 Houston Pride Parade is the largest in the southwest, and the only one held at night, starting promptly at 8:45 PM. At night, the Parade takes on a new dimension. A spectacular fusion of light and sound, the resonant excitement of thousands of energized celebrants fills the air. Want more information? For general Parade info, click HERE.

DISH is going to Bob Sagat tonight but after that, BELIEVE we will be supporting our gay brothers and sisters in the clubs tonight!! WOOOHOOOO

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