House of Blues

It's no secret that the historic House of Blues is coming to Downtown Houston! Today Dan Akroyd and John Goodman were on hand to give the place a walk through during the building process and the original blues brother himself is throwing out the first pitch at the Astro's game tonight!
Here's to hoping they win!

Speaking of the Astros...Chicon acted like a complete idiot today...

The Houston Astros have released Shawn Chacon, opting to cut the right-hander a day after he grabbed general manager Ed Wade by the neck and threw him to the ground!!! That's not a way to treat your boss! 


Chacon was apparently upset because he was demoted to the bullpen so he physically shoved Wade to the floor twice in the clubhouse dining room during an exchange in which Wade was hoping to clear the air. What a role model! 


The team requested waivers on Chacon today for the purpose of giving him his unconditional release. If he isn't claimed by another major league team by Monday, waivers will expire and his contract will be terminated without pay! He doesn't deserve to be paid!

It's not like we were winning because of him, not that good performance makes bad behavior acceptable. Good riddance!