Z Z Top, Woozyfly.com and DISH, take 2

OK OK OK OK Alright already...DISH has been inundated with phone calls, texts, e mails and sky writing with requests for Monday night's details...we are finally getting around to writing about it. The day after an event like that there are interviews, meetings, editing sessions, airport trips and of course hangovers! That being said...

First off, Lance and Matt DIDN'T show!! We got the call whilst on the red carpet that Lance would not make it. Our theory is that he was so intimidated to meet DISH that his girlfriend put they kibosh on it. =) As for the 'Chew, he probably finally decided to do the right thing and stayed home with his pregnant girlfriend...which he's not been doing lately!! Click HERE for that story!

The party was amazing! The place was packed! People were in line for days leading up to the event! DISH has never seen anything like it. Z Z Top were so much fun and very drunk....Billy Gibbons was peeing in a bucket in the hall way...nice. I guess when you have to go you have to go and it's not exactly easy for him to just walk to the bathroom. DISH felt like such a rockstar!! Buckshot from Woozyfly.com interviewed us on the red carpet and gave us huge props and plugs. Once that's all edited, we'll post a link so if you didn't get to watch it live, you will be able to see the interview with DISH anytime you like! Plus Gina Larson from Channel 13 gave DISH all kinds of love!!

Click HERE and HERE for the KTRK - DISH love!!

Click HERE for the pics from the night and some extra info snippets =)

DISH wants to thank you soooo much for your support and love! Apparently around 50 thousand of you have gone to see what Woozyfly.com is all about and a good number of you watched DISH'S interview LIVE!! THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU!
Blessings and Good DISH!