Early Morning car Chase, More Interesting than OJ Simpson

DISH was up early this morning for the excitement of the Woozyfly.com/Z Z Top event this evening at the Hard Rock Cafe and low and behold there was a car chase!! During rush hour this morning, around 8, this guy was being pulled over for a seat belt violation and he decided he wasn't going down without a fight! Click HERE for the video. It was fun to watch...yes we realise it was a very dangerous situation...however...This guy was over by the Galleria driving over the medians, on the wrong side of the road and finally was able to get back to the highway then ended up spinning out and giving up. But didn't cause ONE accident!! It was so amazing!! DISH actually found ourselves cheering for him a little bit. We were riveted to the tv watching this play out!! It was so much more fun than the OJ "chase", which was more like a tag along. This guy helped us to understand why people watch nascar.