The arm Flab Solution

Yes...that's what I said! The back side of your arm that waves to the people behind you while you are waving at the people in front of you....there is a solution for it! It's called scrubbing your shower floor. WHO KNEW??? One of the DISH Dogs loves to drink out of the shower when we get out and all of the spit can get slippery so I decided to scrub the shower yesterday and low and behold the backside of my arm is SORE! SHUT UP!! I was so excited I scrubbed it again with my left hand today! My manicurist is going to kill me, but my arms will be killer and my shower will be forever clean! BONUS!


BTW, Spathena is offering $5.00 off your next visit because gas is so high. You should still take care of yourself...actually now more than ever have a stress free moment with a discount!
RandomLori Freese